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From Mike Buckle:

check.gif Preventing Child Abuse in Judo

From the International Budo Symposium, December 2008:

check.gif Budo, the Role that Judo Should Play in the Era of Internationalization by Yasuhiro Yamashita

check.gif Transitions within Kodokan Judo Etiquette by Naoki Murata

check.gif French Judo Players and their Awareness of Etiquette – as Seen from Kano Jigoro’s Studies by Yves Cadot

check.gif The Internationalization of Judo and the Attention for Etiquette- Focusing on the UK by Mike Callan

check.gif Respect and International Affairs: Mutual Welfare and Benefit and the Bow as Foreign Policy by David Matsumoto

Articles written by George Weers, former chairman of the United States Judo Association coaching program:

check.gif Newaza Preparation

check.gif Gripping Strategies

check.gif The Winning Edge (Getting and Keeping It)

'98 World Teams Minskphoto © Bob Willingham

check.gif Chasing Fads

check.gif Skill Range of Elite Judo Athletes

check.gif First Contact and Grip Domination

check.gif Movement Patterns

check.gif Transitional Control

check.gif Assaulting the “Turtle” — Olympic Newaza

check.gif Use of Ashi Barai Among Elite Athletes

check.gif The Importance of the Uphill Turn Escape

check.gif Travel, Throw and Tempo Relationship

check.gif Counter Throwing Skills

check.gif Power Hand Placement Survey

check.gif Study of Throwing Opportunity

check.gif Newaza From Your Knees

Technical research papers provided by Dr. Stanislaw Sterkowicz, Head of Department of Combat Sports, Academy of Physical Education in Krakow, Poland:

check.gif The Motivation of Men Practising Ju-jitsu and Comparisons with Judoists

check.gif The Fitness Profile of Men Who Train in Ju-jitsu

check.gif Body Injuries of Youth Training in Judo

check.gif Special Judo Fitness Test

check.gif An Evaluation of Modern Tendencies in Solving Judo Fight

check.gif The Judo Trainer’s Professional Activities

check.gif Analysis of the Training Workload Plan for Judo Competitors

check.gif Differences In the Schooling Tendencies of Men and Women Practicing Judo

check.gif Managing the Training Process in Combat Sports

check.gif Levels of Anaerobic and Aerobic Capacity Indices and Results for the Special Fitness Test in Judo Competitors

check.gif A Cross-National Look at the Values Coaches Hold

check.gif An Evaluation of the Technical and Tactical Aspects of Judo Matches at the Seniors Level

check.gif The Temporal And Material Structure Of Ju-Jitsu Sports Combat

check.gif Abstracts of additional research by Stanislaw Sterkowicz

An analysis of World Championship results and Paralympic info by Neil Ohlenkamp:

check.gif Trends in World Championship Judo

check.gif Judo for Blind and Visually Impaired

From Lance Wicks of JudoCoach.com:

check.gif Statistical Summary of the 2006 Commonwealth Judo Tournament

check.gif Yasuhiro Yamashita — Analysis

check.gif Webcast Debate on The Importance of Newaza in Modern Judo Competition

From Juan Carlos Suárez Sosa:

check.gif Effectiveness of technical-tactical attacks of the -55Kg judokas (male, 15-16 years old) during the Cuban national competition (2007-2008)

From Suay, F.:

check.gif Effects of competition and its outcome on serum testosterone, cortisol and prolactin

By Wayland Pulkkinen, author of The Sport Science of Elite Judo Athletes:

check.gif The Physiological Composition of Elite Judo Players

check.gif Anaerobic Requirements of Elite Judo Athletes

By Raf Tits, Headcoach of Judoteam Duffel, Belgium:

check.gif The Puzzle of Technique Development

check.gif Periodisation of Randori Types (PDF version)

check.gif Mental Projection as a Judo Training Form

From Dr. E. K. Koiwai, US Judo Federation Medical Committee Chairperson:

check.gif How Safe is Choking in Judo?

check.gif Deaths Allegedly Caused by the Use of Chokeholds

By Gregory James and Willy Pieter, UK:

check.gif Competition Injuries in Young Judo Athletes

By Prof. Attilio Sacripanti, Italy:

check.gif Biomechanical Classification of Judo

By Mike Callan, UK:

check.gif Factors Affecting High Level Judo Players Training in a University Environment

From Dave Coles, UK:

check.gif The Weight-loss Practices of Judoka

check.gif Making the Weight


Articles from the International Judo Coaches Alliance and JudoAmerica:

check.gif Coach, I Want to Be a Champion by Gerald Lafon

check.gif Good Drills, Bad Drills by Gerald Lafon

check.gif The Training Session by Amos Gil’ad

check.gif Turnouts: Unorthodox Ukemi by Gerald Lafon

check.gif Are You Training Efficiently? by Gerald Lafon

check.gif Variables Affecting Judo Performance by Gerald Lafon

check.gif Principles of Warm Ups by Gerald Lafon

check.gif Periodisation in Judo Training by Amos Gil’ad

check.gif Overtraining by Amos Gil’ad

check.gif Nomenclature by Amos Gil’ad

From Ewan Beaton, Judo Canada:

check.gif Competition Peaking

From Ramdane ALMANSBA:

check.gif The Course of Fight and the Level of Sports Achievement in Judo

check.gif Body Composition and Physiological Profile of Elite Algerian Judo Players

Articles from Elie Morrellformer chairman of the United States Judo Association coach certification program:

check.gif Shimewaza – Practised by Many and Mastered by Few

check.gif Helpful Guidelines for the Learning of Nage no Kata

check.gif Subtle Similarities in Various Nage Waza

check.gif The Fragmentation of IJF Referee Rule 20(a)

check.gif Dissecting Hikite and Tsurite Grips

check.gif Reflections on Gake and Gari Leg Actions in Ashi Waza

check.gif The Value of Uchikomi in the Development of Judo Skills

check.gif Common Causes of Judo Student Attrition

check.gif Judo: A Dynamic Motor Skill

check.gif The Mutual Relationship of Throwing and Movement Directions in Judo

check.gif The Significance of Movement in Judo

check.gif Disparities in Interpretation of Throwing Scores

check.gif An Objective Critique of the 2003 Judo Refereeing Rules

check.gif Observations and Comments on the Current IJF Judo Contest Rules

check.gif The Challenges of Shimewaza

check.gif Teaching Judo Techniques

check.gif Teaching Judo to Preadolescents

check.gif Characteristic Traits of a Good Judo Coach

check.gif An Introduction to Variance of Opportunity for Roller and Driver Throwing Actions

check.gif Golden Score Handicaps

check.gif Preparatory Moves for Nage Waza

check.gif Some Technical Aspects of Ne Waza

check.gif On a Better Understanding of Leg Throwing Techniques

From Dr. Tony Scuderi:

check.gif Judo Therapy: The Use of Judo as a Medium for Group and Individual Psychotherapy in Overcoming Aggression (Anger), Anxiety and Depression

check.gif The Psychospirituality of Judo Therapy

From the IJF:

check.gif Relations Between Gripping Methods and Favorite Tricks in Judoists

From Juan Carlos Suarez and Gerard Baker:

check.gif Throwing Technique Structural Analysis: The Basis of Teaching Methodology

check.gif Some Ideas to Preserve the Judo Soul

From Susan Lee and Herbert Quan:

check.gif Hand Dominance of Elite Versus Non-Elite Judo Players

From Christopher Miller:

check.gif Submission Fighting and the Rules of Ancient Greek Wrestling

Research Abstracts:

check.gif Modern Judo Research Abstracts

check.gif Coaching Science Abstracts

From Paul Nogaki:

check.gif The Quest for the Perfect Judo Floor

From Milovan Bratic:

check.gif Improving Complex Motoric Movements in Judo

Judo fitness test from José Manuel García García, National Trainer of Spanish Judo Federation:

check.gif Test JMG

From Enrique Carratala and Vicente Carratala, Valencia University, Spain (en español):

check.gif Relación de los factores personales y sociales con los motivos de practica del judo (Relationship of personal and social factors in the reasons for practicing judo)

check.gif Motivos que inducen a los padres a introducir a sus hijos en la practica del judo (Reasons that induce parents to introduce their children to the practice of judo)

check.gif La competición en el proceso formativo (Competition in the formative process)

check.gif Análisis de los motivos de practica del judo en las distintas federaciones autonómicas (Analysis of the reasons for practicing judo in the different autonomic federations)

check.gif Valoración de la fuerza explosiva, elástico-explosiva de los judokas infantiles y cadetes del equipo nacional Español (Evaluation of explosive force of infantile judokas and cadets)

check.gif Valoración de los componentes cineantropométricos de los judokas infantiles y cadetes del equipo nacional Español (Evaluation of anthropomorphics of infantile judokas and cadets)

check.gif Motivos Que Inducen a los Padres a Introducir a Sus Hijos en la Práctica del Deporte del Judo (Reasons that induce parents to actually introduce their children to Judo)

check.gif Los Juegos y Deportes de Lucha con Agarre/Judo: Una Propuesta de Enseñanza (The games and sports of fighting with judo: An education proposal)

check.gif La Fuerza: Su aplicación al Judo (Force: its application to judo)

check.gif Valoración De Los Componentes Cineantropométricos De Las Judokas Infantiles Y Cadetes Del Equipo Nacional Español (Evaluation of Kinanthropometrics components of infantile and cadet femenine judokas from National Spanish Team)

check.gif Valoración De La Flexibilidad De Los Judokas Infantiles Y Cadetes Del Equipo Nacional Español (Evaluation of flexibility of infantile and cadet judokas from Nacional Spanish Team)

Additional research from the International Association of Judo Researchers:

check.gif Judo Research Abstracts

“I thought all the time I was learning how to win;
But I realize now: To win is no more,
No less, than to lose.”