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Sukui Nage – Hand Technique (Te Waza)


sukuinage Sukui Nage (Scooping Throw) Technique

The basic principle in sukui nage is to use your hands to scoop uke’s legs out from under him as you rotate his upper body to the ground. The classic version described here is well suited for self-defense, but there are newer versions that are used in competition and randori. One such application is sometimes called te guruma but is classified as sukui nage by the Kodokan.


Sukui nage is a throw to the rear, so one opportunity is when uke is pulling you and retreating, particularly if your opponent has one foot well in front of the other. You will need to be close to achieve an effective throw, so it is often applied as uke is turning in for a throw and you have the opportunity to counter. Sukui nage can also be used as a defense against a headlock or grab from the side.

Basic application:

Step deeply behind uke with one leg as you use the same side arm to reach in front of uke to grab the far leg. Your shoulder should be in front of uke while your side makes close contact against uke’s side. Your other hand grabs the near leg so that you can pull both legs out. As you scoop the legs out, you turn towards uke and push him backwards. This will rotate uke’s body over your outstretched leg so that he falls on his back with his legs in the air.

Key points:

  • – Place your attacking leg so that your foot is behind your opponent’s far heel and bend your knees so that you are low.
  • – Grab both legs securely with your hands and control them until uke is on the ground.
  • – Push uke backwards with your shoulder and arm as you scoop up the legs.

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Sukui Nage (Scooping Throw) Technique