d6be51671ed836b7f6f82b828bb839a6 Hiza Guruma (Knee Wheel) Technique

hizaguruma Hiza Guruma (Knee Wheel) Technique

Hiza Guruma – Foot Technique (Ashi Waza)

By Neil Ohlenkamp
Hiza guruma is the second throw in the standard teaching syllabus (gokyo no waza) of Kodokan Judo. It was a favorite throw of Dutchman Anton Geesink who was the first non-Japanese judo competitor to win the World Championships (1961) and Olympic Gold Medal (1964).


Hiza guruma takes advantage of uke’s forward motion to throw him. The forward motion can be generated by uke’s attack (for example ko uchi gari), or resistance to your attack (for example osoto gari).

Basic application:

As uke advances, add your own power to help uke advance even faster, then stop uke from stepping forward while continuing the momentum of his upper body in a circular motion. Step quickly to the right with your toes pointing to the left so that you begin turning towards your left while pulling uke around you with your left hand. Place the sole of your left foot on the bottom side of uke’s right knee cap to prevent uke from stepping. Keep your left leg almost straight and continue your turn to the left to throw uke over your left leg.


Key points:

– Attack when your partner is leaning forward with his weight on his toes and about to step.
– Continue pulling strongly on your opponent’s sleeve while stopping his advance by lightly blocking his leg.
– Try to get the feeling of wheeling uke over your leg.
Hiza Guruma (Knee Wheel) Technique