305bf61f7021721ae40c6e72430dbfeb Kosoto Gari (Small Outer Reap) Technique

Kosoto Gari – Foot Technique (Ashi Waza)


kosotogari Kosoto Gari (Small Outer Reap) Technique

Kosoto gari is a small reap applied to uke’s foot at the moment uke is stepping forward or backward. Timing is essential in this throw, along with good kuzushi so thatuke’s posture is captured and he is unable to escape.


This technique is applied as uke steps forward and begins to plant his foot, or as he begins to withdraw the forward foot to retreat. In motion, uke is vulnerable to this technique, but even a subtle change in balance or posture can produce an opportunity for kosoto gari. It can be most effective when you are close to uke so your hands must maintain control of the spacing.

Basic application:

You apply a small reap to the back of uke’s heel removing the foot that is needed to regain balance while uke is stepping. The foot is reaped in the direction of uke’s toes so that the foot slips forward as uke is drawn down into the mat. Your weight should hang on uke so that uke goes down quickly. Refrain from pushing uke backwards with your arms creating space for uke to escape.

Key points:

  • • You must be close to your partner to apply kosoto gari so enter deeply and keep your arms bent.
  • • Control uke’s weight so that you can pull him down into the hole you create by removing his foot.
  • • Use the sole of your foot against the back of uke’s heel to slide his foot forward toward the toes.
Kosoto Gari (Small Outer Reap) Technique