34805b72cb24b3aed96d05c89e7788da Kosoto Gake (Small Outer Hook) Technique

kosotogake Kosoto Gake (Small Outer Hook) Technique Kosoto Gake – Foot Technique (Ashi Waza)

By Neil Ohlenkamp

Kosoto gake is similar to kosoto gari, but is usually applied when uke has more weight on the foot you are attacking so it is not easy to reap the foot out. After hooking his leg, you can either lift uke and scoop the leg out or trap his leg and lean on him until he falls.


This technique is very versatile. It can be applied from the initial gripping sequence, as a counter (for example tai otoshi), or in combination with other attacks (for example seoi nage). Uke should be upright and susceptible to your backwards pushing.

Basic application:

You advance head-on directly into uke trying to get your right chest against uke’s right chest by pulling uke’s arm tightly across your chest. Your right foot steps slightly to the outside of uke’s right foot. Your left foot then hooks uke’s right heel, either with the sole of your foot or the back of your ankle. Uke can then be driven backwards as you hold his ankle or scoop it out.

Key points:

• Hook your foot around the back of uke’s heel.

• Coordinate the pull of your hands with the direction of your momentum towards uke’s right rear corner or directly backwards. 

• Try to pin all of uke’s weight onto the outside edge of his right heel as you’re driving him backwards.

Kosoto Gake (Small Outer Hook) Technique