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Ippon Seoinage – Hand Technique (Te Waza)


ipponseoi Ippon Seoinage (One Arm Shoulder Throw) Technique

Ippon seoinage is a version of seoinage that was first recognized by the Kodokan as a distinct throw in 1997 after a review by the Kodokan Waza Research Institute. It conforms to the basic principle of seoinage – to load uke onto your back and throw him or her over the shoulder – but differs in application because of the position of the hands, both controlling one side of uke. Ippon seoinage is included in the first group of throws of the nage no kata where it is used to defend against a blow to the head. It is a very effective throw for self-defense since it can be performed without a judogi, but it is also quite popular in free practice and competition.


Ippon seoinage is a forward throw so uke’s momentum should be moving forward, or uke should be susceptible to a strong forward pull. It works very well when uke is pushing or lunging at you, especially if uke’s arms are grabbing or striking high on your body. Ippon seoinage is sometimes performed as soon as you grip the sleeve before uke has a chance to grab your arm. Since your lapel hand must move under the same arm where you are holding uke’s sleeve, a strong grip on your sleeve by uke may make it more difficult, although there are many ways to still apply the throw.

Basic application:

Start the throw with a strong pull from the hand controlling the sleeve of uke. This kuzushi will pull uke close and keep him or her from retreating as you enter for the
throw. The sleeve pull should also lift uke’s elbow up and out to open uke up for the attack. As you step in with your first foot to begin the pivot, your hand will enter under uke’s arm until your upper arm and shoulder are locked tight against uke’s armpit. Complete your pivot facing the same way as uke, knees bent so that you are considerably lower than uke, with your feet between or in front of uke’s feet. Continuing your pull, now with both hands, uke should be completely on your back.
As you bend forward and drive with your legs, you also rotate your shoulders and project uke forwards over your shoulder.

Key points:

  • – Always start with good kuzushi so uke is coming forward and you have control of uke’s arm.
  • – Place your attacking arm close under uke’s armpit and turn so that your entire upper back is in close contact with uke’s front.
  • – Bend your knees to get as low as possible as you enter for ippon seoinage.

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Ippon Seoinage (One Arm Shoulder Throw) Technique