Waki Gatame

redball.gifclear.gifThe Original Rules of Judo

redball.gifclear.gifFighting or Playing–The Martial Art vs Sport Debate

redball.gifclear.gifTop Ten Reasons Why Sport Judo is Effective

redball.gifclear.gifSport vs Combat Grappling

redball.gifclear.gifKodokan Goshin Jutsu (modern self defense)

redball.gifclear.gifKime no Kata (ancient forms of self defense)

redball.gifclear.gifArticles on classical Judo combat techniques:

redball.gifclear.gifSee the Judo and jujutsu techniques used as the basis for training the military and other self defense courses:

redball.gifclear.gifLethal Blows and Kuatsu from Kano Jiu Jitsu by Hancock (1905)

redball.gifclear.gifMy Method of Self Defense by Mikonosuke Kawaishi

redball.gifclear.gifJudo: A Modern Style of Japanese Jujutsu by Sasaki Kichisaburo (in Hungarian)

redball.gifclear.gifAmerican Jiu Jitsu by Len Lanius (1922)

redball.gifclear.gifScientific Unarmed Combat by R.A. Vairamuttu

redball.gifclear.gifUnarmed Combat by James Hipkiss (1941)

redball.gifclear.gifCombato — The Art of Self Defense by Bill Underwood

redball.gifclear.gifThe Future of Budo? by Trevor Leggett

redball.gifclear.gifPreparing for Combat

redball.gifclear.gifPersonal Protection and Safety Tips

redball.gifclear.gifDiscussion of Judo as a Form of Combat

redball.gifclear.gifHow to do a Judo Demonstration

redball.gifclear.gifJudo Haiku and Judo Poetry

redball.gifclear.gifThe Kendo Reader by Noma Hisashi

redball.gifclear.gifClassic Samurai texts: Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi, The Art of War by Sun Tzu, and the Hagakure. You may also want to read A Warrior’s Creed, the Budo Charter or The Noble Struggle of the Warrior

redball.gifclear.gifArticles about Samurai: Sakamoto Ryoma ­ the Indispensable “Nobody”, and Katsu Kaishu: The Man Who Saved Early Modern Japan, and Yoshida Shoin: The Archetype of Japanese Revolutionaries

redball.gifclear.gifA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that includes the answer to the question “What are the different martial arts, schools, and styles?” You may also wish to read some of the messages in the Martial Arts Newsgroup called rec.martial-arts

redball.gifclear.gifA Judo: Samurai Legacy (the History Channel video)


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