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Judo has been practiced by police in Japan since 1886 when the Tokyo police department sponsored a competition between the new Kodokan Judo school and older jujitsu schools. After the Judo students soundly defeated the jujitsu schools, the police adopted Judo training methods and techniques. The close association between Japanese police and Judo has continued until today. Judo has since been used in training for police and military forces around the world.

The following arresting techniques were developed to assist in controlling suspects. Also called ‘come alongs’, these techniques permit the user to force compliance and to move a subject.

These Judo techniques are demonstrated by Sumiyuki Kotani, Kodokan 10th dan, and Yoshimi Osawa and Yuichi Hirose, 7th dans, authors of Kata of Kodokan Judo Revised.

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