2687e466c3b9d4342498396de0ff6b9e Osoto Gaeshi (Major Outer Reversal) Technique

Osoto Gaeshi – Foot Technique (Ashi Waza)


Osoto gaeshi is a counter throw to the always popular osoto gari attack. It is deceptively simple and is an important throw to learn early, maybe as your first counter throw. It is common to face weak osoto gari attacks when you are new and osoto gaeshi can be used to turn such attacks to your advantage. Knowledge of osoto gaeshi prevents your attacker from performing osoto gari without complete control because the position will be reversed and the attacker will be thrown instead. View PDF file


This technique is performed as your partner attacks you with osoto gari. You must react quickly and shift your weight so that you can gain control before your partner’s attack renders you helpless.

Basic application:

As uke begins to enter for osoto gari, you step back with the leg that is not being attacked. This allows you to retain your balance and reap with the leg that is being attacked. Your reaping action is just like osoto gari, and is applied when uke tries to reap your leg. Uke must be permitted to continue coming forward – don’t try to stop his momentum and push him backwards as you might if you were trying osoto gari. Osoto gaeshi utilizes his momentum as you turn and redirect his force into the mat. Your hands must control uke’s weight and rotate him towards his rear so that he falls in front of you as you reap his attacking leg.

Key points:

  • • Anticipate the osoto gari attack and step back quickly.
  • • As uke enters with the attacking leg and is standing on only one foot, start to rotate his upper body to the rear.
  • • After you regain your balance and disrupt his balance, finish the throw by reaping uke’s leg.
Osoto Gaeshi (Major Outer Reversal) Technique