d5109d1f2a1e592ff36039897c76cf39 Tai Otoshi (Body Drop) Technique

Tai Otoshi – Hand Technique (Te Waza)


taiotoshi2 Tai Otoshi (Body Drop) Technique

Tai otoshi is a hand throw that should generate a lot of power with very little contact. It can create one of the hardest falls in judo, yet it relies on timing and kuzushi rather than lifting. The power comes from a fast rotating action that drives uke right into the mat. It is a very common throw, but one which must be studied thoroughly to have any chance of using it successfully on a resisting opponent.


Usually applied as a forward throw, tai otoshi is easiest when your partner is coming towards you. It is often done in combination with leg throws that get uke into a favorable position.

Basic application:

Tai otoshi is applied by pulling strongly with both hands as you enter with your legs spread. Uke is then rotated around you by continuing the pull on the sleeve while the lapel hand pushes uke over your outstretched leg. With weight properly placed on both legs, you can rotate your body powerfully, and uke cannot recover his or her balance.

Key points:

  • Emphasize the action of your hands, and do not use your hips to throw.
  • When you attack, put your weight evenly spread between your legs (or maybe 60 percent and 40 percent) as considerable weight must be on each leg to succeed in the throw.
  • Train until you can enter quickly in one step so that you can take advantage of a momentary opportunity.
Tai Otoshi (Body Drop) Technique