2381eeb113d00f55d03eea8ed2ac0ae2 Morote Gari (Two Hand Reaping prohibited by IJF)

Morote Gari – Two-Hand Reap


morotegari Morote Gari (Two Hand Reaping prohibited by IJF)

Morote gari is a hand throw that involves grabbing both of your partner’s legs and reaping them out. It has been officially recognized by the Kodokan as a judo throw since 1982 and had been used in competition for years, but under current IJF competition rules (as of 2014) this technique is no longer permitted. It is called a double leg takedown in wrestling.


Morote Gari is performed when uke is off balance backwards or was bent over and is now rising up. Uke should not have a solid grip that can be used to thwart the morote gari attack, so it is often used when uke is about to grip or is just releasing his grip. It should only be done when the spacing between you and your partner is close enough that you can enter deeply in one step.

Basic application:

Tori ducks under the arms of uke and enters deeply by stepping one foot between the legs of uke. He or she places the attacking shoulder into the abdomen of uke right at the belt line, keeping his or her head tight against uke’s side. At the same time, both arms grab around the upper legs from the outside pulling them strongly to gain complete control. While pushing with the shoulder, tori reaps the legs and throws uke backwards. A common variation is to reap the legs to the side.

Key points:

  • Attempt this throw when uke can not control you with both hands gripping the judogi.
  • Pull strongly on the legs after you wrap your arms around them.
  • Enter deeply so you are close to uke and your shoulder and head are tight against his or her waist.

Video of the throw:


Morote Gari (Two Hand Reaping prohibited by IJF)