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1. What is the name of this throw?Answer
uchimata The Judo Quiz
2. What armbar is this?Answer
tomiki2 The Judo Quiz
3. What is the first thing you do when visiting a Judo club?Answer
4. What is the name of this throw?Answer
uranage The Judo Quiz
5. Who was the first person to be awarded a 10th degree black belt by Jigoro Kano?Answer
6. Identify this throw?Answer
sotogar1 The Judo Quiz
7. What is the penalty in a tournament for an excessively defensive posture or for refusing to take hold of the opponent?Answer
8. What is the name of this choke?Answer
kataha The Judo Quiz
9. What does kani basami, or flying scissors, look like?Answer
10. Which Judo web page has the most visitors and the most online information about Judo on the internet?Answer

Note: if you got all 10 questions correct you deserve a black belt. See your sensei for promotion immediately. Here is the Brown Belt Quiz or see the requirements for higher level belts.

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