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uranage Uranage
Uranage, or back throw, is a sacrifice throw and usually performed as a counter throw when your opponent tries a hip throw. It is also used as a defense against a blow to the head in the nage-no-kata.
kata11 Uranage
As your opponent steps in close for a forward throw like koshi guruma or another hip throw, wrap your arms around your opponent’s waist, lift strongly while leaning back and thrusting the hips up. Throw the opponent over your shoulder as you fall onto your back.

uranage Uranage Books

Pick-ups by Robert van de Walle is one of the Ippon Masterclass Series of books and the best source of information about this throw. The author, an Olympic champion, covers the techniques morote-gari, sukui-nage, ura-nage and kata-guruma, as well as a number of miscellaneous pick ups including obi-tori-ashi-dori, mawari-ashi-dori and hikoki-nage. It is an essential study guide for anyone involved in modern competition.


Here is a video demonstration of ura nage.

uranage Uranage

Key point: “The minute you wrap your arms around him, lift your opponent up.”
…..Judo in Action by Kazuzo Kudo

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