Major Outer Reaping

osotogari Osotogari

sotogar1 Osotogari
Osotogari, or major outer reaping, is a leg throw. A relatively simple, yet powerful, throw it has been popular in tournaments and effective for self-defense.For more information get Osotogari by Yasuhiro Yamashita. In teaching one of his favorite techniques, World and Olympic champion Yamashita emphasizes the importance of good style, while acknowledging the special demands of competition.
sotogari Osotogari
As you step close to the outside of your opponent’s foot you push your opponent off balance to the rear corner while holding him/her close. Your other leg then sweeps the opponent’s leg out from under him/her using your body as a single lever motivated by pelvic action. See videos of experts executing osotogari, or this detailed lesson on Osoto Gari.


sotogari Osotogari

Key point: “Be sure you keep your side tight up against your opponent’s side.”
…..Judo in Action by Kazuzo Kudo
1osoto Osotogari

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