d1e94916473ec81657adf3b99b986ed9 Ouchi Gaeshi (Major Inner Reversal) Technique

Ouchi Gaeshi – Foot Technique (Ashi Waza)


Ouchi gaeshi is a counter throw applied when uke is attacking with ouchi gari. There are several ways to apply the throw in different directions. The most basic and common method is explained here. View PDF file


When your opponent attacks you with ouchi gari and you are able to retain your balance while shifting uke onto his heels. This is particularly effective when uke arches his back or raises his head too much while trying to apply ouchi gari. This technique can be done when tori is advancing or retreating. In each case tori will regain balance and use uke’s momentum against him.

Basic application:

If uke is attacking you with his right leg, you will gain control of the attack by pulling your left hand in while turning uke backwards with the right hand. To assist in disrupting his posture and complete the throw, use your left foot to sweep the heel of uke’s front or rear foot. The reap should be just like kosoto gari. The idea is to permit uke to come into you, but by moving your weight to the right foot and rotating to the left you can turn uke towards his rear and throw him down where he intended to throw you. 

Key points:

  • • You must be close to your partner to apply ouchi gaeshi, so keep your arms bent and pull uke into you if you are retreating, or advance towards him if you are stepping forward when he attacks.
  • • Control uke’s weight and redirect his attack so that his momentum misses you and then turn him right into the mat.
  • • Use the sole of your foot against the back of uke’s heel to prevent him from hopping successfully and to assist in turning him to his back.
Ouchi Gaeshi (Major Inner Reversal) Technique