Women’s Self Defense


Seigoho (How to defend yourself from opponent’s attack with counter attacking techniques)

I. Purpose

Seigoho aims not only to escape from attack of your opponent but also to frustrate attack of your opponent by means of counter attacking techniques to control your opponent for your thorough self-defense.

II. Techniques

(1) Ude-gyaku-dori (Holding arm contrariwise)

a) Uke stands beside the left side of Tori who assumes natural standing posture, facing toward the same direction with Tori’s.

Uke inserts his right arm from behind, passing between the left side and the left arm of Tori, then bends his right arm upright, and simultaneously, seizes Tori’s left wrist from above with his left hand, then attempts to control Tori’s left arm, giving pressure on her left elbow joint.



b) Uke attempts to bring Tori forward by several paces, giving strong pressure on her left elbow joint.


c) When Tori is about to bring her right foot forward, she places her right foot to the front of Uke’s foot, turning her body leftward by about 180° so as to face straight to Uke. Simultaneously, Tori strikes at Uke’s face between his eyes with her right fist, placing the back of her right hand upward.

d) Immediately after the strike, Tori brings her right hand above Uke’s right fist, placing all the fingers of her right hand in parallel with each other.

Tori presses Uke’s right fist downward with her right hand in order to free her left arm from the control of Uke’s right arm.

Uke still continues seizing Tori’s left wrist with his left hand, however, he can not control her left arm thoroughly as well as at the beginning.


e) Tori strongly seizes Uke’s left elbow with her right hand, then pushes Uke’s body obliquely leftward in order to force him to turn around rightward by about 180°.


f) As soon as Uke’s body is placed just in front of and in parallel with her body, Tori straightens her left arm obliquely downward and leftward a little to free her left wrist form Uke’s seizure of his left hand.


g) Tori places her left hand on Uke’s left upper arm, and simultaneously, strikes at Uke’s right ear with her right hand.


Important note

1) As soon as Tori faces Uke, she has to strike at Uke’s face with her right fist without allowing Uke to prepare his defense.

2) At the time of striking at Uke’s right ear with her right hand, she has to block Uke’s left upper arm with her left hand so as not to allow Uke to incline his body leftward to escape from her strike.


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