redball.gifclear.gif What to Expect at a Judo Tournament
redball.gifclear.gif The Competition Judogi
redball.gifclear.gif The Competition Area
redball.gifclear.gif Guide to Tournament Rules
redball.gifclear.gif Referee Signals ouch.jpg
redball.gifclear.gif Official IJF Rules of Judo PDF File
redball.gifclear.gif 2009 IJF Rule Changes PDF File
redball.gifclear.gif List of Competition Penalties
redball.gifclear.gif Original Kodokan Rules of Judo by H. Irving Hancock and Katsukuma Higashi
redball.gifclear.gifContest at the Dojo by Sumitomo Arima
redball.gifclear.gifEvolution of Judo Rules by Neil Ohlenkamp
redball.gifclear.gifFighting or Playing – The Martial Art vs Sport Debate by Neil Ohlenkamp
redball.gifclear.gif Judo Competition Systems by Neil Ohlenkamp
redball.gifclear.gif Analysis of Competition by Donn F. Draeger
redball.gifclear.gif A Flawed Premise by Steve Scott
redball.gifclear.gif Trends in Championship Judo by Neil Ohlenkamp
redball.gifclear.gif Judo Games and Training Drills
redball.gifclear.gif Fighting Spirit by Isao Inokuma
redball.gifclear.gif My Judo by Masahiko Kimura
redball.gifclear.gif Top Judo Athletes
redball.gifclear.gif Why Every Recreational Judo Player Should Compete by Todd Brehe
redball.gifclear.gif 11 Reasons Why Judo is Better for your Kids than Team Sports by Yonah Wolf
redball.gifclear.gif Coach, I Want to Be a Champion by Gerald Lafon
redball.gifclear.gif International Tournament Results
redball.gifclear.gif Tournament and Event Calendars
redball.gifclear.gif Competition Videos and Photos
redball.gifclear.gif Judo Coaching Guide: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3
redball.gifclear.gif US Olympic Teams Since 1964