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Ashi guruma
Deashi baraiclear.gifDeashi barai IIclear.gifDeashi barai III
Harai goshi
Harai tsurikomi ashi
Hiza gurumaclear.gifHiza guruma II
Juji gatame
Kata gurumaclear.gifKata guruma IIclear.gifKata guruma IIIclear.gifKata guruma IVclear.gifKata guruma V clear.gifKata guruma VIclear.gifKata guruma VIIclear.gifKata guruma VIIIclear.gifKata guruma IXclear.gifKata guruma Xclear.gifKata guruma XIclear.gifKata guruma XII
Katate tsuri nageclear.gifKatate tsuri nage II
Koshi guruma
Ko soto gakeclear.gifKo soto gake II
Kosoto gariclear.gifKosoto gari II
Kouchi gariclear.gifKouchi gari IIclear.gifKouchi gari III
Obi tori gaeshi
O gurumaclear.gifO guruma IIclear.gifO guruma III
Okuri ashi haraiclear.gifOkuri ashi harai II
Okuri eri jime
Osoto gariclear.gifOsoto gari IIclear.gifOsoto gari IIIclear.gifOsoto gari IVclear.gifOsoto gari V
Osoto makikomi
Ouchi gariclear.gifOuchi gari IIclear.gifOuchi gari IIIclear.gifOuchi gari IVclear.gifOuchi gari Vclear.gifOuchi gari VI
Sankaku gatame
Sasae tsurikomi ashi
Seoi nageclear.gifSeoi nage IIclear.gifSeoi nage IIIclear.gifSeoi nage IVclear.gifSeoi nage Vclear.gifSeoi nage VIclear.gifSeoi nage VIIclear.gifSeoi nage VIIIclear.gifSeoi nage IXclear.gifSeoi nage Xclear.gifSeoi nage XIclear.gifSeoi nage XIIclear.gifSeoi nage XIIIclear.gifSeoi nage XIVclear.gifSeoi nage XVclear.gifSeoi nage XVI
Seoi otoshi
Soto makikomiclear.gifSoto makikomi IIclear.gifSoto makikomi IIIclear.gifSoto makikomi IV
Sukui nageclear.gifSukui nage IIclear.gifSukui nage III
Sumi gaeshiclear.gifSumi gaeshi IIclear.gifSumi gaeshi IIIclear.gifSumi gaeshi IVclear.gifSumi gaeshi V
Tai otoshiclear.gifTai otoshi IIclear.gifTai otoshi III
Tani otoshiclear.gifTani otoshi IIclear.gifTani otoshi III
Te guruma
Tomoe nageclear.gifTomoe nage IIclear.gifTomoe nage IIIclear.gifTomoe nage IV
Tsuri goshiclear.gifTsuri goshi II
Tsurikomi goshiclear.gifTsurikomi goshi IIclear.gifTsurikomi goshi III
Uchi mataclear.gifUchi mata Iclear.gifUchi mata IIclear.gifUchi mata IIIclear.gifUchi mata IV
clear.gifUchi mata Vclear.gifUchi mata VIclear.gifUchi mata VIIclear.gifUchi mata VIII
clear.gifUchi mata IXclear.gifUchi mata Xclear.gifUchi mata XIclear.gifUchi mata XII
clear.gifUchi mata XIIIclear.gifUchi mata XIVclear.gifUchi mata XVclear.gifUchi mata XVI
clear.gifUchi mata XVIIclear.gifUchi mata XVIIIclear.gifUchi mata XIXclear.gifUchi mata XX
Uki goshiclear.gifUki otoshi
Ura nageclear.gifUra nage IIclear.gifUra nage III
Ushiro goshi
Utsuri goshiclear.gifUtsuri goshi II
Yoko gake
Yoko guruma

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