Movie Clips

an explosive judo throwcheck.gifclear.gifBlood on the Sun, James Cagney
check.gifclear.gifJim Carey
check.gifclear.gifJudo For Life, Movie trailer
check.gifclear.gifLolita, Peter Sellers
check.gifclear.gifWhy Judo is Better Than Karate
check.gifclear.gifJapanese Judo Cartoon
check.gifclear.gifThe Long Kiss Goodnight, Geena Davis
check.gifclear.gifThe Millionaress, Sophia Loren
check.gifclear.gifJames Bond
check.gifclear.gifAlicia Silverstone
check.gifclear.gifI Spy Robert Culp and Bill Cosby
check.gifclear.gifSeoinage, taiotoshi, and tomoenage
check.gifclear.gifJudo Animals
check.gifclear.gifDog Judo
check.gifclear.gifTai Chi Masters
check.gifclear.gifAnyone Can Learn Karate
check.gifclear.gifA Little More Training
check.gifclear.gif“Betty’s Taking Judo” (music by Jeff Carson)

Do Judo Now!

fan7.gifThe weed crushed and pressed by the heavy rock may slowly and gently grow up anew helped by the fresh air, sunshine, and sympathetic rain. On the other hand, the rock is often broken through exposure to nature and weathering. Life is a strong power to grow in tenderness; this fact may be considered as having a close relation with huiman life. At the same time tenderness has sometimes stronger power against stiffness or hardening due to extreme strain. –Kyuzo Mifune, The Canon of Judo