Corner Reversal

sumigaeshi Sumi Gaeshi: Corner Reversal Throw

The Right Moment

The opponent is off balance or pushing to his front in a defensive posture (bent at the waist).


  1. kata12 Sumi Gaeshi: Corner Reversal Throw
  2. Slip your left foot deep between his legs, heel first, so that it falls in front of your own right foot.
  3. Take a straight fall onto your back and under your opponent.
  4. Bring your right shin into his inner left thigh so that the back of your foot hooks around his left buttock.
  5. Raising him from below with your right leg and using the pull of both hands, throw your opponent over your head and to your left.
  6. Follow your opponent by rolling over your shoulder and onto him for a pin.

25 Sumi Gaeshi: Corner Reversal Throw Video

Here is a video demonstration of sumi gaeshi.

sumigaes Sumi Gaeshi: Corner Reversal Throw
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