by Kyuzo Mifune, judan

To master an actual technique, mental culture should come first.
Acquiring a technique requires a careful, modest, non-mean, free and attentive mind.
In other words a player should do his utmost and nothing less.
…..Kyuzo Mifune

redball.gifHave no falsehood in mind.
Ruluctance or deceit are not conducive to the inner harmony required by Judo practice.
redball.gifDo not lose self-confidence.
Learn to act wholeheartedly, without hesitation. Show reverance toward the practice of Judo, by keeping your mind in it.
redball.gifKeep your balance.
The center of gravity follows the movement of the body. The center of gravity is the most important element in maintaining stablility. If it is lost, the body is naturally unbalanced. Thus, fix your mind so that your body is always in balance.
redball.gifUtilize your strength efficiently.
Minimize the use of strength with the quickest movement of body. Acknowledge that what is called stillness and motion is nothing but an endlessly repeated process.
redball.gifDon’t discontinue training.
Mastery of Judo cannot be accomplished in a short time. Since skills depend on mental and physical application, constant training is essential.
redball.gifKeep yourself humble.
If you become self-centered, you will build a wall around yourself and lose your freedom. If you can humble yourself in preparation for an event you will surely be better able to judge and understand it. In a match, you will be able to detect the weak point of your opponent and easily put him/her under control.

Kyuzo Mifune with Jigoro Kano

Kyuzo Mifune with Jigoro Kano

Kyuzo Mifune and Matsutaro Shoriki

Judans (10th degree black belts) Kyuzo Mifune and Matsutaro Shoriki