Animation of The Throw

sotomaki Soto Makikomi (Outer Wrap Around Throw)

The Throw

This technique is a very powerful throw often used in competition as a counter to O Soto Gari, or in another variation, as a follow-up to Hane Goshi or Harai Goshi. For a right side throw, grab with the left hand on the opponent's right sleeve at the elbow. Pull strongly forward while entering close and raising your right arm up and over the opponent's right arm. Turning your back to the opponent pull him/her close so that your shoulder is very tight to your opponent's shoulder. Without letting go of the left hand, place your right arm towards the ground in front of you and roll him/her over your right hip as you twist to the left and roll onto the ground.

sotomaki Soto Makikomi (Outer Wrap Around Throw)

Key Points

  1. Pull strongly with the left hand.
  2. Attack when your opponent is stepping or pushing forward.
  3. Twist the body strongly to the left so that the opponent's body is wrapped around yours.


Here is a video of soto makikomi