check.gifFrom the Japanese Olympic Committee:

The Olympic Movement and Jigoro Kano

check.gifFrom Kim Sol:

A History of the Kodokan

Neil Ohlenkamp

check.gifFrom the Journal of Combative Sport:

Jigoro Kano and the Japanese Bid for the 1940 Olympics by Joseph Svinth

Ne-waza (Groundwork) and Atemi-waza (blows) in Judo by Gunji Koizumi

Professor Yamashita Goes to Washington by Joseph Svinth

Judo and its Masters by Kyuzo Mifune

Contest Judo by Gunji Koizumi

Twelve Judo Throws and Tsukuri by Gunji Koizumi

Live Movement and Dead Movement by Trevor P. Leggett

check.gifFrom the International Judo Coaches Alliance and JudoAmerica:

Good Drills, Bad Drills by Gerald Lafon

Coach, I Want to Be a Champion by Gerald Lafon

The Training Session by Amos Gil’ad

Turnouts: Unorthodox Ukemi by Gerald Lafon

Are You Training Efficiently? by Gerald Lafon

Kano — Radical or Traditionalist? by Geoff Gleeson

Kano and Kata: Reply to Geof Gleeson by Steven R. Cunningham

Periodisation in Judo Training by Amos Gil’ad

Neil Ohlenkamp

check.gifFrom the Israel Budokan Judo Club:

The History of Judo – Highlights by Yonah Melnik and Dr. M. Schwartz

Judo for Kids – A Guide for the Perplexed Parent by Yonah Melnik

Principles of Judo Training in Adolescence by Yonah Melnik

Judo in Adulthood by Dr. M. Schwartz

check.gifFrom Budo Kai:

Belt Colors and Ranking Tradition by Don Cunningham

Martial Arts Sports vs Combative Styles by Don Cunningham

check.gifFrom Kano Society:

The Future of Budo? by Trevor Leggett

Memories of Jigoro Kano’s Visit to the London Budokwai by Trevor Leggett

Jigoro Kano in North America by Joseph R. Svinth

The Death of Professor Jigoro Kano by Mr. K. Hirasawa

check.gifFrom “Furyu: The Budo Journal”:

The Great Tournament of 1886 by Wayne Muromoto

check.gifFrom Best Judo by Ben Holmes:

Shiro Saigo: Judo’s Secret Weapon?

Classical Osotogari Doesn’t Work

Is BJJ Better than Judo?

Developing Power

Hadakajime: Air or Blood Choke?

check.gifFrom USJA:

Judo Stamps and Coins by Dr. Ronald Allan Charles

check.gifFrom Business Strategy Review:

Judo Strategy: 10 Techniques for Beating a Stronger Opponent by David Yoffie and Mary Kwak

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