Minor Inner Reaping

Ko Uchi Gari

The Throw

This technique involves throwing your opponent by clipping the back of their heel. In right side kouchi gari you use your right foot against their right heel from the inside. ko uchi gari


  1. After your opponent takes a big step forwards with their right foot and before they put that foot to the floor pivot on your left foot, open your body to the left and bend your right toes well to the inside. Put your right foot (big-toe side bent in) on the inside of your opponent’s right foot so that it strikes the back of their heel.
  2. Sliding your foot along the floor, clip their heal in the direction of their toes.
  3. Push out with your right hand, do not relax the pull of your left hand, clip your opponent, and down them.

ko uchi gari
ko uchi gariko uchi gari
Left ko uchi gari used effectively in the 2003 European Mens Team Final, London, in a contest between Iveri Jikurauli (GEO), white, and Ivan Vega (ESP). Images copyright © 2003 judophotos.com. Used with permission.

Ko Uchi Gari