'98 World Teams Minsk
photo © Bob Willingham

die otoshi — you know this will be the next throw when you step on your sensei’s foot by accident.

nippon sode sasae tsuri komi harai goshi — while holding the sleeve you block, lift, pull and sweep the hip, and in the process learn Japanese.

o soto — when your spouse puts you in the doghouse after being out too much with your Judo buddies (literally “major outside”).

no mind — your state of mind when you must get up in front of the class to demonstrate a technique.

kuchi waza — what the old-timers practice (“mouth technique”).

ouchy mata — an attempted uchi mata (inner thigh throw) where the attacking leg comes straight up the middle.

hernia nage — variation of ura nage which occurs when uke’s weight is at least twice that of tori’s.

ouchi gari — while performing major inner reaping, the top of tori’s head strikes uke’s face, thereby adding to the kuzushi (ouch!).

nidan ashi waza — 2-legged sprint for cover.

ku ichi ichi — one-finger 911 technique.

Please note: “Ouch” is not a Judo term