Spring Hip Throw

hanegoshi Hane Goshi: Spring Hip Throw


21 Hane Goshi: Spring Hip Throw Lightly pull your opponent to his left front with your right hand as you bring your right foot one step back. Your opponent should advance to his left front onto his left foot. Maintaining continuous rhythm pull his left arm up and forward, open your body to the left and swing your left foot to the rear. This will force the opponent to quickly advance his right foot to his right front.


  1. hanegoshi Hane Goshi: Spring Hip Throw
  2. The instant your opponent brings his right foot forward, step in between his feet with your left foot, heel first. Your toes should now be pointing in the same direction as your opponent’s right foot.
  3. Your right leg should be naturally and slightly bent. Keep your buttocks tightly against his abdomen, and let the outside of your right leg contact the inside of his right leg.
  4. Rotate forward and to your left lifting your opponent onto your hip. As his weight comes off his leg lift it with your leg and bounce your opponent up.
  5. Twist both your head and upper body to the left, and using the pull of both arms throw your opponent.


Here is an animation and a video demonstration of hane goshi.

hanegosh Hane Goshi: Spring Hip Throw
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