Reach Judo community and help to grow it, by being a guest blogger on JudoInfo.

We get 60,000+ people visiting us each month.

You’ll get an exposure to a new audience + fame and glory.

First, pitch your idea

Email me at [email protected] with the subject line “JudoInfo guest post”, and propose a topic or two you’d like to write about.

Full article is fine too…

When you send in the full article , don’t forget your bio line (2-3 lines max, one link).

Topics we're looking for

JudoInfo is all Judo, however we might accept articles realated to martial arts in general..

Conditions for the guest posts:

  • – Main criteria: it has to be very, very good! We don’t publish rubbish.
  • – 100% original content only, never published anywhere;
  • – Minimum 1200 words, extra kudos for 3000+ word articles;
  • – Posts have to be well-researched and practical;
  • – Include at least one (legal) photo to be used with the post, preferably 2-3;
  • – No pen names, 100% authentic stuff only.

Any other contrebutions are welsome as well, photos, videos, and images. 

Questions? Send them to me at [email protected].