Women’s Self Defense


Ridatsuho (How to escape from opponent’s seizure with his hand)

I. Posture

Tori stands on the right side facing Joza, carrying a hand-bag with her left arm and Uke on the left side, carrying a dagger in his right hand, then the two face with each other approximately 2 meters apart, assuming erect standing posture.


II. Purpose

Ridatsuho aims to acquire skills in momentary and safe escaping from your opponent’s attack with his hand.

III. Techniques

(1) Katate-tekubi-dori (Wrist seizure with right hand)

a) Tori and Uke assume natural standing posture, facing with each other approximately 60 cm apart.

b) Advancing forward with his right foot by one pace, Uke strongly seizes Tori’s left wrist from above with his right hand.


c) Advancing forward with her left foot by one pace, Tori places her left foot beside the big toe-edge of her opponent’s right foot, sinking her body a little.

d) Simultaneously, Tori bends her right arm inward, applying the principle of leverage, and accordingly, pushes Uke’s left forearm with her right elbow joint, placing all the fingers of her right hand in parallel with each other and placing the palm downward.


e) By the strong shock given on his right arm, Uke releases Tori’s left hand form his right hand seizure.

Important Note

1) The moment Uke seizes her wrist, she has to bend her left arm inward strongly.

2) When she bends her arm, she has to bring her elbow joint forward and on the contrary, fingers close to her chest, in order to free her wrist form Uke’s seizure.



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