Judo Uniforms from the top brands (Mizuno, Adidas, Fuji)

Remember if you are not planning to compete, the IJF approved judo gi is not necessary. For regular Dojo practises simple training judo gi will be enough. 


Mizuno Yusho Competition Judo Uniform/Gi

Price: $150.21 – $185.00 & FREE Shipping

Colors: White and Blue 

  • IJF-approved with IJF labels
  • Regular Shrinkage
  • Excellent fit


Adidas Elite Judo GI

Price: $164.00 – $227.00

Colors: White and Blue

  • IJF Approved
  • 100% Cotton. Double-weave gi
  • Available in White or Blue
  • adidas Embroidered Stripes along the shoulder
  • Reinforced Drawstring waist pant Approximately 22oz


Fuji Double Weave Judo GI Uniform

Price: $78.89 – $95.00 & FREE Shipping
Colors: White and Blue

  • Thick collar
  • Double weave weight
  • Soft 100% cotton
  • High quality seams and stitching