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The Judo Information Site has been very fortunate to have received every major website award there is. It has been recognized by general internet publications, educational institutions, and martial arts organizations around the world. These honors help to promote Judo and make the public aware of the benefits of Judo practice. This page is no longer updated with additional awards and recognition.

Listed below are the major awards:

JudoInfo.com is the number one ranked Judo site in the world on Google, Yahoo, MSN, and most other search engines. Search for Judo and you'll find the Judo Information Site with the most videos, images, articles, and the most active Judo discussion forum anywhere.

goudaward Awards for the Judo Info Site


The monthly Martial Arts Professional Magazine in it's June 2002 edition recommended JudoInfo.com in a full-page Digital Warrior Web Site Review. "JudoInfo is the first site we've found that promotes the serious study and analysis of a martial art by way of modern research methods." The review concluded, "As Judo is many things to different people, be it a fun sport, an art, a discipline, a recreational or social activity, whatever you're looking for, JudoInfo.com is a great place to learn more."


pelogo1 Awards for the Judo Info Site


Member of the Worldwide PE and Sports Association, and winner of The Golden Martial Arts Web Award. (3/01)


wmaic Awards for the Judo Info Site


This site has been selected as one of the best on the internet by the World Martial Arts Information Center. (3/00)


This site has received the Internet Guide Award from Encyclopedia Britannica. Britannica.com editors have selected this site as one of the best on the internet when reviewed for quality, accuracy of content, presentation and usability. (2/00)

uca_award Awards for the Judo Info Site


This site has received the Best of the Web Award from United Combat Arts (10/99)



yil Awards for the Judo Info Site Four stars were awarded in a rating by Yahoo Internet Life magazine, recognizing this as one of the best martial arts sites in the world for the fifth year in a row.

mair Awards for the Judo Info Site


The Martial Arts Internet Resource Guide Best of the Web Award.



The US Martial Arts Association selected the Judo Information Site for its Gold Martial Arts Website Excellence Award.

cool1 Awards for the Judo Info Site


The Internet's Fitness Resource selected the Judo Information Site as the Cool Site of the Month. (5/98)


The site has been reviewed by Black Belt Magazine and given a 3 star award, the highest rating for any Judo site. (10/97)

The site has been reviewed several times in Japan, most recently in the September 1997 issue of "Zero One", a popular Japanese magazine. See the original photos and article in Japanese.

Some user comments about the Judo Information Site:

From: Miller, Chip E
Comments: A truly spectacular site. Every martial artist who has a desire to have a webpage should visit yours to see how expertly one can be done. Exceptional ease of movement about the various areas and marvelous graphics.

Name: Darshan Kulkarni
From: North Wales ,PA
Comments: I have referrred to this site for ages. I am 17 and have just moved to PA. I came from India and was a National Bronze medallist there. I dont want to see 12 years of judo go to waste. So, I have decided to try to take up classes in judo at the local community college. About this site….It was always my favorite. But the addition of the animated drawings and the the pictures and films will greatly affect my view of judo. This is one heck of an amazing site.

Name: Daryl Cooper
From: Niceville, FL
Comments: This is by far the best page I have ever seen. Being only a white belt in Judo, but out of it for a year, I do not have a great amount of experence with many of the upper belt techniques. This page allows me to be able to read, and see how some of the moves are done. The pictures are very clear and the animation is the best I have seen. I am truly in awe of this page. You have spent a great amount of time building it, and it shows. I will be sure to book mark it and come back daily.

Name: chris storz
From: st. louis, mo
Comments: Three words: Fantastic, Informative, Outstanding. The best Judo site on the Web.


kamon3 Awards for the Judo Info Site

Our greatest glory consists not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall.

01 Awards for the Judo Info Site