Weight exersises that you should never neglect

As a Judoka you should never neglect Deadlifts, Squats and Overhead Presses. All of these are valuable for you as a Judoka. The difference between doing these lifts as a bodybuilder and an Judoka is all in the strength and conditioning program not in the lift. Try not to think of these as "bodybuilding techniques" but more as "strength building techniques".

Squats and squatting variations:

If you are getting sick of doing heavy back squats you try doing:
• Front squats
• Overhead squats
• Box squats
• Goblet squats
• Jump squats
• Zercher squats
• Single leg squats
• Bodyweight squats (but not great for overall strength)


2. Deadlifts and deadlifting variations:

If you get sick of doing deadlifts you can perform some deadlifting variations such as:
• ½ and ¾ deadlifts
• suitcase deadlifts
• dumbbell deadlifts
• one handed deadlifts

3. Overhead press and Overhead pressing variations:

If you are looking at incorporating some overhead presses into your weekly training regime you can do any number of pressing variations including:
• push press
• push jerk
• seesaw press
• Bradford press
• Behind the head press (not recommended)
• Arnold press
• dumbbell over head press
• seated dumbbell or barbell overhead press
• javelin presses

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