Newaza (Grappling Techniques)

Jimmy Pedro
clear.gifJujigatame turnover
clear.gifJujigatame turnover — Reverse angle
clear.gifHalf guard pass

Astra Judo Club
clear.gifSweep Drill from Guard
clear.gifArmbar and Sweep from Guard
clear.gifTurnover from Guard to Kesagatame
clear.gifTomoejime from Guard
clear.gifDouble Armbar from Guard
clear.gifJujigatame from Guard
clear.gifFlying Armbar (Jujigatame)
clear.gifFlying Armbar in Competition
clear.gifTateshiho gatame
clear.gifKamishiho gatame
clear.gifKesa gatame
clear.gifTateshiho gatame
clear.gifUshiro kesa gatame
clear.gifOkuri eri jime
clear.gifKata juji jime

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clear.gifTournament Highlight Video
clear.gifJuji gatame — 2002 All Japan Women’s Judo Championships
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clear.gifTournament Videos
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