Kodokan, Tokyo, Japan

June 23-28, 2003

See the official results, One Competitor’s View, or for more information visit the World MasterAthlete Judo Association.

Competitors for the first day of competitionmasters16.jpgmasters1.jpgmasters2.jpgmasters3.jpgmasters4.jpgmasters5.jpgmasters6.jpgmasters7.jpgmasters8.jpgmasters9.jpgmasters10.jpgmasters11.jpgmasters17.jpgNage no Kata competitionGreg Fernandez and Rick Bradley, USA Kata ChampionsBill Gaffney (instructor at Encino Judo Club) performing osotogari on Steve Hoyt (instructor at Santa Barbara Judo Club) in practice at the KodokanJudoInfo.com at the Kodokan